Monday, March 10, 2014

Camping Trip to Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Brent went on a camping trip recently to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve with some other men. The Kalahari Desert composes most of Botswana  leaving a lot of it inhabitable with only about 2 million people in the entire country. We have finally hit the rainy season and even the desert got some rain as you will see below.

We enjoy the beauty of God’s creation here in Africa and wanted to share some pictures with you.


Above: Jackal

Below: Male Lion yawning



Above: A group of ostrich. Males are black and females are brown

Below: A group of Gemsbok with a cheetah in the tree behind them.


Above: Gemsbok

Below: Lion at the watering hole


Above: Wildebeast

Below: Gemsbok-These creatures are built for survival in the desert



Above: Cheetah

Below: Camp with the shower and toilet in the background


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