Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tooth fairy for Bradyn

So who said the tooth fairy doesn’t visit 3 year olds? She has frequented our house for 2 nights…let me explain.

On Thursday, Bradyn was outside swinging on his tummy when all of a sudden we hear screaming. He had went face first over the swing and hit our concrete porch with his mouth. Immediately we notice his top front left tooth had popped out root and all and he was bleeding so much. We rushed him to the one oral dentist we knew of in our city and he doesn’t even take a look in his mouth, but sends us home with pain medicine and an antibiotic and tells us to come back in 5-7 days. We are in shock and try to settle him down some more and take him home. We speak to a friend and she refers us to a maxilofacial surgeon from Germany, so we called him and he agreed to see us immediately. He tells us to come back the next day (Friday morning).

At 9am Friday, we show up at his office and he assesses Bradyn’s mouth. He recommended surgery that day to most likely remove 2 more of Bradyn’s teeth and to get an x-ray of his top palate to assess any damage done to his permanent teeth that will come in later in his life. Unfortunately, he did not have any surgery time, so he recommended we go with his colleague who was a Batswana doctor and an Asian anesthetist for the surgery that afternoon.

Needless to say we were a little worried about someone putting Bradyn under that we didn’t get a personal recommendation about as medical care here can sometimes not be very good. So we called the nurse with our organization and she said we needed to get details about what kind of anesthesia they would be using on Bradyn. For 2 days the Setswana word “phutego” kept running through Amanda’s mind not knowing why it kept coming up, she meant to look it up after all of the drama was over to see what it meant. When they went to call the Batswana doctor who would be  performing the surgery, Brent handed Amanda his card…his name was Dr. Phutego. It was a clear sign from the Lord that this was in His hands already and that we just needed to trust Him.

When the surgery began at 3:30pm on Friday, they started out with a shot to sedate Bradyn. They were able to perform an x-ray to assess the damage. He had no damage to his top palate or permanent teeth, praise the Lord! They then put him under with gas and were able to see that the 2 teeth surrounding the one that already popped out needed to be pulled due to how loose they were and that infection could set in.

So all in all, Bradyn has lost his 2 top front teeth and the small one next to them on the left. His teeth went through his lip and it is still pretty busted up, but he is recovering so well.

We are thankful the Lord protected our little guy.  We love him and his new smile!


2 Cor. 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you, for MY strength is made perfect in weakness!"

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