Friday, April 21, 2017

Bradyn's surgery

If you know Bradyn, you know what a sweet, loving kid that he is and that doesn't change even when he is sick. Unfortunately he has been sick quite a lot in his 6 years with asthma and more times of strep throat than we can count. So the doctor decided it was time for those tonsils to come out. He was so brave through it all and is enjoying some yummy ice cream as he is recovering and lots of love from all of us. We look forward to having a much healthier boy in the future. Thank you for praying for him as he had surgery!!
Post Op

TLC from Daddy at home

Easter Rally

We just attended our annual Easter Rally where Baptists from all over Botswana come together for a weekend of worship, preaching, and fellowship. Amanda headed up the children's program for the weekend and much fun was had by everyone. We cherish this time with our Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ!

BGR School Kits-Calvary Baptist Church

We just completed our school kits for kids at the last partnering church in the village of Molepolole called Calvary Baptist Church. This was a project through BGR (Baptist Global Response) where we help children to have much needed school supplies for school. What a blessing it is to share the love of Christ in so many different ways!
Love seeing my kiddos give back

Camping in Pilanesburg

During the kids midterm break from school, we took a long weekend and went to Pilanesburg Game Reserve and went camping. This was a little more tame camping than what we did this past December and we didn't have any dangerous animals running through camp...just a few impala and zebra. It really felt like camping in the States and we were able to take the kids bikes and let them ride around the campground. Love making memories with my family.
Seeing some wildebeast

walking to a hide where we could see animals close up

Our amazing tent

water, water everywhere


lilac breasted roller

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


When our mission family all left Botswana, to be honest I was a bit worried about how we would fill that gap of family/friends. In the bible there is a lot of "BUT GOD" situations and this is one of those. God has provided friends for both us and our kids that were so needed and not only are they friends but they love the Lord. Nothing is too small or large to ask God for and we are beyond thankful for the friendships He has provided for us!
Some of Amanda's good girlfriends at a school swimming gala

Bradyn and his friends at the swimming gala

Bradyn with his friends at his school play
"Ella Enchanted"

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Brent just celebrated his birthday and kids were so excited to decorate and make him some yummy cupcakes. We are so blessed to have him in our life and he takes such great care of us. We love you, Brent!
Happy Birthday, Daddy

Brent taking apart Taylor's old girl bike and turning
it into a boys bike for Bradyn. Painted in The Joker colors :)

Amazing daddy!


We are so excited to announce that we will be adding a sweet baby girl to our family this September. We will be delivering in the States (SC) as we were already planning on being on Stateside. Hopefully many of you will get to meet her. Please pray with us for this little one that the Lord is blessing us with.
Boys outnumbered

Sweet baby girl

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Discipleship Training

Last Saturday we held a Discipleship Training at Gaborone Baptist Church and had 30+ in attendance. What a great day it was to share God's Heart on sharing the gospel with others. Brent did a great job teaching and really helped equip those in attendance with tools on how to share their faith. 

We challenged them to write 5 people that needed to hear about Christ and 5 people that they could disciple to share Christ with others. It was so great to hear testimony from each one of those in attendance that they have wanted to share their faith but just didn't know how and if they taught one person who teaches one person then the gospel will spread even faster. 

Pray for the Batswana people to catch the vision of sharing Christ with the lost and that many would come to know HIM!

Kid update

These kids sure do keep us busy! Sometimes I feel like all I do is chauffeur them around all day to school and  to this activity and that activity. We are so blessed to have such an amazing school to send the kids to and all the activities they provide for the kids. 

Taylor class recently went on a camping trip for 2 nights to a game park. She had a blast and got to even see cheetah and giraffe. Our girl is growing up!
Tay and her friend Munopa

 Bradyn lost his top 3 teeth when he was 3 years old after falling off of a swing onto our cement porch. We have loved that big gap for the last 3 years but now it's getting even bigger. He has lost his first tooth "naturally" on the bottom. Corn on the cob is sure getting a lot harder to eat.
Bradyn losing his 1st tooth "naturally"

Sometimes it takes a dream

I have been working with Ona (Oh-Nah) for the past 5 years. She has become someone that I not only study the bible with, but a dear friend.

In the last couple of years, we really have started focusing on discipleship where we share a story/lesson from the bible with people and then in turn, we ask them to go out and share the same stories with those around them. I have to admit, this was a bit discouraging for me as I would share a story with my bible study group and each week when I came back the majority of those in our group never shared the story or their faith once that week. Ona would share occasionally with those around her, but not consistently.

Just through busyness of schedules and I have to admit a bit of discouragement about people not sharing Christ, we didn't see each other much in the beginning of this year. I recently visited with Ona and wanted to give her a renewed challenge to share the stories I had been teaching her, but before I could do so she began to tell me about a dream that she had. To make a long story short, she told me about a man who was taking her around and showing her the graveyards here in Botswana (did you know about 100 people a day die here in Botswana and maybe only 5 of them know Jesus??). She then said that this man showed her a bunch of different religious groups and one group was noticeably smaller than the others...those were the Christians. He told here then that she needed to do more, she needed to share Christ. Wow! I had chill bumps hearing this. Since this time, Ona has hit the ground running sharing her faith with anyone who will listen and lining up bible studies with people. God can use so many ways to speak to us, sometimes He can even use a dream.

Will you listen and be obedient to what God is telling you to do?
Ona teaching bible study