Sunday, November 29, 2020

Crosspoint Family Church

Some of our dear friends, Dayne and Natascha, pastor a church here in Gaborone called Crosspoint Family Church. They invited us to come and share about our work here in Botswana. We just love these sweet friends and they are doing a great job leading this church. They just had a precious little baby 2 months ago and we have so enjoyed cuddling sweet Aviah. Ellie doesn’t quite understand why she can’t jump in the trampoline with her yet but one day... 

Rusks, Reading, and Rain

 I recently posted that my friend Henda taught me how to make rusks. Ellie and I had a go of it on our own and they turned out great. We made white chocolate/cranberry and honey/almond rusks  

We have had some amazing rain this year and Ellie has certainly made good use of her rain boots or Wellies as they call them here. 

Ellie loves reading just like her big sister. Loved catching this moment of them laying by the tree reading together. 

Bike Race

Brent and Bradyn signed up for a 21km (13 miles) bike ride and then we saw the weather forecast...RAIN!!! And where there is rain, there is mud which makes a bike ride even more difficult. Bradyn won 3rd place in the under 12 group and won  a medal and a $15 prize...we are so proud of him!! 


 We had a wonderful thanksgiving celebration this year. The Saturday before thanksgiving we had Phemelo and Tebogo over to celebrate with us. My girls helped in the kitchen making some pumpkin and apple pies...I love cooking together during the holidays. Thanksgiving day we went hiking at the Gaborone Dam invited our friend Henda and Rudie over to celebrate their first ever thanksgiving. As she calledOur Thanksgiving feast it was ‘Sunday lunch on steroids’ 

We did manage to find a Turkey this year and had Aunt Mary’s stuffing balls, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn casserole, green beans, and rolls.  By the time we finished the apple pie and pumpkin pie, we were all ready to be rolled out the door  

We truly have so much to be thankful for throughout 2020 with Covid19. Here’s what the kids all said they were thankful for:

Ellie-Family, Jumping in puddles, Christmas, and coloring 

Bradyn-Rope, bike, Bo and Kasey (our dogs), and Pokey (his hedgehog)

Taylor-Family, Zoom calls, pizza, friends

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Presents for GBC kids

We had a wonderful visit today with the kids from Gaborone Baptist church. We have to visit them all at their homes as we are not able to meet in a large group due to Covid. 

With money from Brent’s Aunt Mary, I went and picked up some coloring books, devotionals, crayons, coloring pencils, and some lollipops. The kids were so excited!! Thanks, Aunt Mary, for blessing them with these gifts ❤️ we visited about 70 kids today and shared the Christmas story with them all. You are a blessing, thank you!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Bradyn’s 10th birthday

 Bradyn turned double digits on October 12. We hosted a nerf part for him and a few friends  and had such a fun time. Love this fella and so thankful for our boy 


Halloween is not celebrated here in Botswana so we normally just do a few ‘fall’ themed activities and let the kids go trick or treat to the doors in our house. Ellie wanted to be a witch this year, not sure where she got that idea...I guess peppa pig?!?!? It was a fun time and Taylor even made some amazing cupcakes with Ellie.