Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Childrens ministry baptism

We had our year end celebration for our children at our Friday ministry last week before they leave for their villages for the Christmas holiday. It was such a fun day! We played together, Brent talked about baptism and we were able to baptize 4 of our kids...one was our sweet Taylor Grace. What a special day it was!
Bradyn jumping rope

Singing songs together

Feeding the kids hot dogs


Taylor getting baptized

Riley getting baptized

Boyce getting baptized

Kenna getting baptized

I love these sweet kiddos and the ministry the Lord has provided through them!

Monday, November 23, 2015

1st baptism in Ditshegwane

The church in Ditshegwane is growing! This past Sunday we had our first baptism of 5 of its members. God is doing some amazing things through this group of believers. Keep praying the Lord would continue to work!

Filling the baptism
The church meeting in a yard to do the baptism
Pastor Thokwane has done a great job shepherding these folks



This little one was tuckered out!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Church in Ditshegwane

A little village called Ditshegwane (Dee-say-wah-knee) about 2 hours away from our house is where Brent, Pastor Thokwane, and Cool Spring Baptist Church have been working to get the gospel out. A church started here back in June 2015 and we had the privilege of worshipping with them under a tree last Sunday.

Brent preaching and Pastor Thokwane interpreting

The church

Sunday school

Checking out some goats next door after the service
Ladies grinding a grain after church
Pray for this church that it would continue to grow and that many in this village would come to know the Lord.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Children's ministry

I love doing children's ministry! It is my passion to see these little ones come to know the Lord! We have been doing a Friday children's ministry at Gaborone Baptist Church for the last 4 1/2 years. We have used multiple teaching tools to help the children learn, but the kids LOVE our newest teaching tool. Maybe you remember seeing when one you were a child...it's a flannel board. It is so cool and brings the bible scenes to life for the kids. Special thanks goes out to Lee Cope from FBC Jackson, MS for bringing this for us!
The story of Nicodemus

The story of Zaccheus

The kids intently listening!
Interested in helping out with children's ministry? Come partner alongside of us for a VBS for these kids in 2016!!


The US Embassy hosted a Trick or Treat at their offices and invited the kids to come trick or treating. So Little Bo Peep and Superman dressed up and had a wonderful time.

Little Bo Peep and Superman
 We then had some friends over for some good food and games and let the kids all dress up again.
The kids who dressed up and wanted to be in a picture :)

Carving and painting Botswana pumpkins

Searching through slime for a treat

Bobbing for apples
Swimming in the apple bobbing container
because it was SO HOT!!

Scavenger hunt for their candy