Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Who would’ve thought that a 4 1/2 year old and a 13 year old could be such good friends. Taylor and her friend Pearl met almost a year ago and they have been great friends since. Pearl lives in the neighborhood near us with her mom and brother. She and her 19 year old sister Christina were coming weekly last year to our home to study the bible together, but since Christina’s move with her grandparents and Pearl’s demanding school schedule we have had to rearrange things. We hope to start studying the Bible on Saturdays at Pearl’s house so many can hear the gospel including her mom. Taylor loves to sit and listen to the stories and can answer questions about the story after it has been told.

Pearl turned 13 years old this past Saturday so we took homemade cupcakes to her house. We had a great time visiting with her friends and mom (picture below).



Above: Over the Christmas holidays while we were away, Pearl wrote out 28 questions that she had about God or her bible readings she had been doing. It was great to see the Lord working on her heart during our absence.


Taylor got a camera from Grammy and Grandad for Christmas. She brought it out the other day and below are the pictures we found of her and Pearl. Too fun!


Our walks

The kids and Amanda normally go on a walk to the grocery store about 2 times a week.  We have developed a wonderful relationship with the ladies at the store and many along our path. The kids open so many doors for us as the Batswana love them. Here are some pictures from our walk one day.


This is the road right outside of our gate that we walk down every day


This is the primary/elementary school at the end of our road


Taylor posed on the drain by some houses along the way. Most of them are built of cement/cinderblock and have outhouses out back.


This is the last path we walk down to get to the grocery store. It’s a fun adventure with the kids every day chatting with old and new friends.

“Twinkle Sparkles” is born

While Grammy and Grandad were with us in Cape Town over Christmas, they took Taylor to build her 1st “build a bear". She chose to make a Dalmatian dog and lovingly named her “Twinkle Sparkles”. This dog is so special to Taylor as she put her and Grammy’s hearts inside before stuffing her and sowing her up. On our 18 hour drive back to Botswana from Cape Town, we stopped to spend the night in a hotel. Somehow, Twinkle Sparkles got left in the hotel and we did  not realize this until we were almost home. After many many tears, numerous calls to the hotel and arranging a courier to drop Twinkle Sparkles off to a friend in South Africa, I am happy to report that Taylor is now sleeping soundly in her bed with Twinkle Sparkles right beside her. “And they all lived happily ever after”


Thanks, Uncle Chris!!

I think that all aunt’s and uncle’s love to see their brothers and sisters squirm when they buy their nieces/nephews gifts that they would not want in their own home. Amanda’s brother hit the nail on the head this year for Christmas in buying our 1 year old a DRUM. Thanks so much, Chris! Just know that we will get you back.