Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Prayers for Scott

We are asking for your prayers for our brother-in-law Scott as he faces surgery on September 1 for a brain tumor. Please pray for him and his family as they walk down this road together and for wisdom for the surgeons. 

Below written by Scott's wonderful wife Sara (Brent's sister):
For the past six months, my wonderful spouse began dealing with anxiety/panic attacks, but these "attacks" weren't looking quite right. We scheduled an appointment and described symptoms, and thankfully were referred to a neurologist with concerns of seizures. An EEG later, it was confirmed that Scott was in fact experiencing seizures daily, and an MRI quickly showed us the reason for both the mood change and the seizures- a giant baseball sized tumor existing on Scott's right frontal lobe, spreading into his temporal lobe.
We have additional tests to clearly identify where Scott's speech center is (a concern because he's left handed and therefore his speech center is likely located on his right brain) and then we will schedule neurosurgery to remove as much as the tumor as safely possible (complications to due blood vessels throughout the tumor, speech center location, and temporal lobe impediment). We are expecting to be inpatient for a week following the surgery, then following up with chemotherapy/radiation treatment pending type of tumor (most likely glioma type 2 or 3).
Update: We officially have a surgery date, which is Thursday, September 1st at Stanford! We feel good about getting this on the books so we can start the long road to recovery. We continue to feel like we are in amazing hands after meeting the two neurosurgeons who will be preforming this.
The additional testing (functional MRI or fMRI) showed us some very good news, that's Scott's speech center is indeed located on the left side of the brain. So that is one less thing for us to worry about.
However, due to the tumor's location on the temporal lobe, the artery that the tumor has surrounded, and proximity to optical and motor function, they will do an awake craniotomy to remove as much of Scott's tumor that is safely possible. They are also choosing awake to protect the insular cortex (which houses a lot of vessels/feeders for the brain).
The neurosurgeon thinks they will be able to remove about 80% of the tumor, which would be considered a successful intervention. They reviewed the risks and benefits and believe that the benefits far outweigh the risks, and the docs like Scott's chances of making a full recovery.
We will know a few days into our inpatient stay exactly what type of tumor we are dealing with (lots of different possibilities) and that will dictate our plan of approach for follow up care (most likely radiation and chemotherapy) to treat the remaining 20% of the tumor. We will meet with the neuro oncologist once we have a diagnosis and have a plan in place by Scott's discharge home.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hiking with daddy

Brent and Bradyn recently went for a hike. This boy loves and looks up to his daddy so much...thankful for a husband who is a great example to his son. 

A boy and his dog

daddy and son

Their view from their hike

A boy who adores his daddy

Family visit

We were so blessed to have Brent's mom and dad (aka Grammy and Grandad) and our niece Noa come for a 1 1/2 week visit in August. Having family come and see where we live and what we do is so encouraging to us and I think it puts their minds at ease as well. Noa is just 3 months younger than Taylor and she had so much fun seeing Africa for the first time. What an adventure we are on and we are thankful when family comes to join us!
Welcoming them at the Johannesburg, South Africa airport
We started our adventure at the Lion Park in Hartebeesport, South Africa
Feeding Giraffes
All that food made him thirsty

Petting baby lions
 We then went to Bela Bela, South Africa to Warmbaths Forever Resort and enjoyed their warm pools and water slides

We then drove to Pilanesburg National Park near Rustenburg, South Africa and stayed at Bakubung Lodge. We had such a wonderful time doing game drives and seeing God's creation. 

Kiddos with a lion right behind them 
Our lion friend up close via a zoom lens

Grammy and Grandad with the grandkids

Elephants coming out of the water from a swim

Rhino drinking
 We then brought them back to Botswana to see our life here and to do ministry with us. 
Grammy sows these bags and brings them to distribute
to kids in need and put toiletries/school supplies in them

Noa helping distribute

All the kids from sunday school 

They also joined us for our Friday children's ministry.
We had 100 kids...yikes!

Handing out goodies at the end

Bokaa dam sunset

Roasting marshmallows for some smores...yum!!

We also celebrate all the birthdays missed and sing
Happy Birthday to everyone

And why not throw in some sparklers!!

Wedding-Jones and Botsalano

We were so happy to celebrate the wedding of two dear friends-Jones and Botsalano (Boat-sah-lah-no) on August 6, 2016 in Maun, Botswana. This couple has pursued God and God has brought them together. What a blessing and a beautiful day, and Brent had the privilege of preaching at their wedding. This is a picture of Christ and His love for the church. Congrats, Jones and Botsalano!!

The bride and groom

Jones and his groomsmen taking a selfie

Botsalano in her traditional outfit throwing the bouquet

Brent also got to preach at Maun Baptist Church Sunday morning