Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ladies Conference

The weekend of July 14 and 15, ladies from all over Botswana traveled to finally meet up in Francistown (5 hours north of Gaborone). We fellowshipped and worshipped with about 130 of our Batswana Baptist sisters in Christ for their annual meeting. It was a great time of enjoying friends and making new ones.


Mma Vivien gave several insightful teachings to the ladies with Tsepho helping out with translating


The young ladies led worship one night and everyone was dancing


Our theme was I Corinthians 3:9 “For we are God's fellow workers; you are God's field, God's building.”


Loved getting to be around these ladies and looking forward to next year.


I was finally able to upload pictures from my phone and here are some of the fun ones over the last month. Enjoy!


Bradyn relaxing in the hammock, he could lay for hours in this thing


Taylor and Daddy flying her lady bug kite one very windy afternoon behind our house.

06302012129Enjoying making pizza at Papacinnos in Johannesburg with friends.



Taylor loves to dress people up with her jewelry. Bradyn is often times the victim but we had a visitor the other day that became her latest victim.

0720201214207092012139Taylor and Bradyn doing finger painting…messy but fun!

Jesus film

Brent and one of our volunteers that is here for a year-Stirling Foxorth-took a team of 8 volunteers out to an area in the Kalahari desert. We have some Christian friends who run a hunting camp in Lerucama that allowed them to stay at their farm and then they went to the small village of Tsetseng to show the Jesus film and to tell people about Jesus. They had a great time and 4 people came to the Lord that evening.


We are able to set up the Jesus film in the middle of the bush as it is powered by a generator. We are even able to show the film in the local languages here. A family from Greenridge Baptist Church in Maryland gave money recently and we were able to purchase the screen, projector, and generator to help facilitate showing the Jesus film. Many people have come to know the Lord through this powerful film.

jesus filmkalahari sign

Below are pictures from the hunting camp at Lerucama-Much thanks to the Knoetze family for being such generous hosts.

lerucamalunch 2Lunch

Saturday, July 7, 2012


On July 5, we took a volunteer team to Madikwe Game Reserve. We had an amazing lunch and a fun game drive.  We all had an amazing time and got to spend some time watching a male lion. The cutest by far was all of the little baby elephants!



The team about 10 feet from this lion taking a picture


Ballerina Girl

Taylor recently started ballet class. She is loving life and enjoying dancing like a fairy. Our little ballerina :)


Taylor’s birthday, part 1

Our little girl turned 5 years old on June 29. It’s so hard to believe how quickly time goes by. We had a fun family day for her birthday. It started with lunch and ice cream at a local outdoor tea garden called Sanitas.


We then came home and skyped with Grammy and Grandad so Taylor could open her package from them.


Taylor helped make and decorate her cake. She wanted a strawberry cake with pink icing and sprinkles.


Happy 5th Birthday, Taylor Grace!

Taylor’s birthday, part 2

The weekend of Taylor’s birthday, we had a tripped planned to Johannesburg, South Africa. We were able to visit the Lion Park and had a fun and very memorable time.


These lion cubs were just 6 months old and seemed so big already. We were told to not touch their heads or tails and to pet their backs very firmly. Both kids enjoyed petting the lions, but one of them did jump down towards to end and was following Taylor. Luckily, Daddy intervened and blocked him from either playing with her or eating her.


The one thing Taylor wanted for her birthday was to feed a giraffe. So as you can see, she got to do this. There were some interesting ostrich there as well and they also would eat from her hands. They would peck her hand very quickly but Taylor was not scared in the list bit. When she grows up now she wants to be a vet…she will be great at that!

IMG_4386taylor and ostrichWe were also able to do a self drive and see some cheetah, lions, and wild dogs. IMG_4419IMG_4403IMG_4438

Friday, July 6, 2012

Toyota Desert Race

The Toyota Desert Race comes to Botswana once a year in late June. We decided to go watch it this year as a family and had a great time. We picked up KFC and went and had a picnic while waiting for the trucks to race by. Its fun to see all of the trucks and dune buggy’s race by and the kids cheered for everyone who came by.




A police helicopter passed over while we having our picnic