Monday, June 30, 2014

Spiral Art

SO Taylor got a spiral art kit from her Grammy and Grandad. Apparently I (Amanda) was a deprived child who never did spiral art so I tried to teach Taylor how to do it (top picture). When Brent got home he laughed his head off hysterically and showed Taylor how to accurately do spiral art (bottom picture). Maybe we will make daddy do all art projects from here on out!!


Taylor’s 7th Birthday

It’s hard to believe our Taylor Grace turned 7 years old on June 29. Where does the time go?? We had a “Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy” party…what a fun day celebrated with friends!

We made flower cupcakes with blue “pixie dust” on top to start it off.


Above: Bradyn and his friend Riley riding his motorcycle

Below: Taylor’s friends coloring as the party began


Making pirate hats


Pirate patches and swords

IMG_8526IMG_8530IMG_8533IMG_8536IMG_8549Sword fight!!!


“Pin the wings on the fairy” game


Yummy cupcakes!


Opening presents


We are thankful for our sweet girl and her loving, friendly heart!