Monday, August 30, 2010

Tsala yame

As we are starting to visit some existing churches since we have moved to Gaborone, we are all getting to know some new people. As we pulled into church last Sunday Taylor said “Are those my new friends?” She loves having friends! The Setswana word for “friend of mine” is “tsala yame” (tsah-lah yah-may) and Taylor has learned this word as it is hard for her to remember all of the names and she just calls them “friend”.

This past Sunday we arrived at a new church for the first time. As we got out of the car, Taylor ran up to a little girl about 8 years old and said “come on, friend” and proceeded to take this little girl by the hand and into the church and asked her to sit with us. I know that this was such a God thing for Taylor to befriend this little girl as halfway through the service the little girl leaned over to me (Amanda) and told me she had a problem. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had been raped. I sat there horrified trying to not lose my composure and I sat down with her and asked her when it had happened. She told me it happened last year. I asked if she had told her mommy or daddy and she said she had but they told her not to tell anyone else after they reported it to the police. I believe this little girl just needed someone to tell her that she was special and that they loved her and were praying for her so that’s what I tried to do with her in my short time with her. Unfortunately this happens all too often here with young children. Please pray for this little girl for healing. 



Toy Story 3

Back in July, we took Taylor to see Toy Story 3. She has Toy Story 1 and 2 at home and thought we would see how well she would sit in the movie theatre. It was all good until we ran out of popcorn and then she decided to play in the floor and then went and sat with some little girls down front.

Before the movie they had the below cardboard set up of the characters from Toy Story 3. She honestly had to pose holding each of their hands as we took pictures of her with our phone. What a fun movie though and good memory with our girl!




Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tent Revival Meeting!

This week Gaborone Baptist Church has been holding a tent revival in a local community called Solososemey. The church has done all of this by themselves. They felt the call of God to reach their community and set up a tent, brought in Botswana pastors, lead worship, and showed the Jesus Film. It’s amazing to see Batswana’s leading Batswana’s to Christ. This is what we are praying for!

IMG_3960This is the tent that they set up under the stars. Every night the place is packed and they hear the word of God! IMG_3967 Showing the Jesus Film. Last night when the projector started and they turned off the lights it was amazing to see people from all directions running into the tent, it was standing room only! I was able to talk with a young man that could not wait to see the end of the film, he had traveled a very far way just to watch the film. It’s amazing to see what God can do with something so simple!

IMG_3953Please pray for Gaborone Baptist Church as they follow up with the new believers.

Praise the LORD that Batswana's are reaching Batswana’s with the Love of Christ!

Pray that new work would be started in this very dark area.

Pray for the new believers as they start discipleship.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Princess Taylor

Recently Taylor received her birthday present from her Nana and Pop Holmes. She loves anything and everything princess and this sweet headband and princess dress made her squeal when she opened the package. We thought she looked pretty cute and wanted to pass along some shots of our princess.


Thank you Nana and Pop!


Our new home

We successfully moved into our new home in Gaborone on August 6. Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and is just one hour north of where we were living in Lobatse studying the language of Setswana. Please pray that God would work mightily in our new neighborhood and in the Gaborone area. IMG_3946

Friday, August 20, 2010

African Baby Shower

On Sunday, August 8, my sweet friends at Lobatse Baptist Church had a baby shower for me. These ladies have been so wonderful since our arrival in October 2009 in welcoming me and making me feel so loved.

I was not quite for sure what to expect at this baby shower, but overall it was very fun. It started with us singing 4 praise and worship songs which was amazing. We then had about an hour of advice from the ladies on adding a 2nd child to the mix of things and then one of the ladies came and sat beside of me and opened each present one by one and handed it to me to show everyone. We then got to eat some yummy food including fat cakes. Fat cakes are one of my favorite things here…they are a ball of dough that is fried (so good!!!).

We had to say goodbye to our friends at Lobatse Baptist Church on August 8 as we recently moved 1 hour north to Gaborone to start church planting. We have made such sweet friendships there and enjoyed our time ministering alongside of them. This church was started by IMB missionaries, Margaret and Robert Fortenberry, around 1995. It’s such a strong group of believers and we have learned so much from them. 




From left to right: Boipelo, Dolly, Bantle (Taylor’s nanny), Kay, and Mma Tshireletso


From left to right: Mma Gabalaolwe, Mma Gotswakgosi, Mma Toka

IMG_3902 Mma Sithole, Mma Chanda, Patricia, Mma Adom (she was the hostess), and Margaret Fortenberry (fellow IMB missionary who helped start Lobatse Baptist Church)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Address

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be moving this Friday, August 6, to Gaborone (this is about 1 hour north of where we have lived for the past 10 months). We appreciate all of the letters of encouragement and packages that have been sent. Please change our mailing address to:

Brent and Amanda Turner

c/o Baptist Mission

PO Box 1559

Gaborone, Botswana

Please pray for a smooth transition for us all, especially Taylor as she is having a hard time right now with the move. Thank you for your prayers!