Thursday, May 15, 2014

Botswana Royal Wedding

May 3, 2014 was a much anticipated date for many around the country of Botswana-I think it was the equivalent to the anticipation of the royal wedding. Two amazing folks united in marriage-Pastor Jack Rantho and Tshepho Kgalaeng. 800+ people showed up at the bride’s home village for the wedding in Molepolole and celebrated with this amazing couple.


Above: Rra Kgalaeng, father of the bride, walking Tshepo down the aisle

Below: Saying their vows-I have never seen a Batswana couple more in love or excited for this day.


Above: The bridal party dancing into the reception

Below: May 10, 2014 the bride and groom had their 2nd wedding. Every bride and groom have to have 2 weddings-the first at the bride’s place and the second at the groom’s place. This wedding was in the village of Magotlwane.

The 2nd wedding is a little different and a lot more relaxed. They have already said their “I do’s” so this wedding is more of just a celebration. It starts with the groom singing and dancing out with his wedding party to come retrieve the bride.


Above: The bridal party now dances out

Below: The groom party on the right singing to the bridal party on the left until the groom is united with his bride.


They dance up together to the groom’s place and have to be let in the gate by the uncle (below)


At the end of the wedding all of the bridal party changed into different clothing. Normally they wear the traditional dress of Botswana, but his bridal party was not like any other. The theme was the 2nd coming of Christ (when he comes to retrieve HIS bride-the church) so they all dressed in different outfits to denote how every people from every tongue and tribe will be worshipping around the throne. The bride and groom were wearing Greek attire and throughout the bridal party they had those in Carribean, Indian, Cowboy, Asian, and African attire. What a fun time had by all!


Recently Brent traveled to Windhoek, Namibia, for a leadership conference with three of his national friends that he has been pouring into over the last several years. Our job title is “Catalyst to Church Planting” which means we help get churches started. A big part of our job is also training up leaders for these churches. 

Andy Pettigrew, fellow missionary, writes, “We are praying for a harvest of leaders - a new generation of church. Throughout Botswana, our pastors are either dying or retiring. We have approximately 25 Baptist churches in Botswana and around 10 pastors for those churches. There was a time in which I sensed a famine of leadership. We have been praying for more churches to be planted and existing churches to be strengthened. However, where are the leaders? I have ceased calling it a famine of leaders because I believe the leaders are there. 75% of our population is below the age of 29. Thus, we must be reaching, discipling, and training a new generation of church. Pray with us that we would be diligent to harvest this new generation. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would call our laborers to disciple those leaders. False teachings abound all around us and are seeking to confuse hearts and minds. Pray that these teachings would be silenced and the message of Christ would be proclaimed boldly.”


Above: Sets, Jones, Lesh, and Brent. They each received training at the leadership conference and will conduct training here in Botswana for future potential leaders.

Below: Windhoek has a huge German influence and it is one of the cleanest African cities. This church is one of the older churches in Namibia and  has some beautiful architecture.


Above: Lesh, Sets, and Jones with the Namibian flag. Pray for these young men that the Lord would use them as leaders in our Baptist churches throughout Botswana.