Monday, March 10, 2014


If you’re like me, you take lots of pictures with your cell phone as it is convenient and always with you. I finally uploaded my pictures and wanted to post some fun shots.

Grammy joined us for Christmas. We had a fun time seeing her and also Santa (or Father Christmas as they call him here).


My kids love playing dress up. This day they were playing with Riley and having a wonderful time. Bradyn is normally dressed up as a princess too but this day he was a pumpkin. I have explicit directions to not post any pictures of him in dresses.


We have 3 times a week that we teach children: Friday afternoon bible club at our church, Saturday morning bible study, and Sunday morning Sunday school. We recently taught on King David and everyone made crowns. It was a lot of fun.


Taylor was recently invited to a birthday party for a child in her class. They went to a restaurant that had a playground and driving range. They all had a lot of fun.


Since Taylor is now in school in the mornings, Mommy and Bradyn have had a lot of time to spend together doing preschool. Bradyn also enjoys cooking, he is such a handsome fella!


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