Saturday, June 18, 2016

A week with Cara

Several months ago, we had a girl named Cara contact us and wanted to come spend a week with us after spending some time in  Lesotho on a mission trip. We gladly said yes and we are so thankful that she came. We had an amazing time together and so glad she wanted to come and minister with us here in Botswana.
This week I really just wanted her to walk alongside of me (Amanda) and see my day to day activities. This not only included ministry but getting kids to/from school, attending to all of their activities, and helping me cook all of our meals from scratch.
Here are some pics from our week:
We went to the village of Molepolole and spent the day with two
pastors wives. We had lunch and then went to a cultural village.
They had a lot of fun telling us all about how they grew up in the
small rondavels. Love these ladies!

Visiting my friend Maria and her newest baby

WE also went and got to hang out with some cheetah's
and even pet them. So cool!

We hiked up Kgale Hill one morning.
The views were so amazing!

Cara came and helped lead our children's
Friday ministry

We cooked with the young women from our church

Cara gave her powerful testimony to these young women
while we cooked together

Cara taught the Sunday School kids some fun
songs and taught them the story of David and Goliath 
My new friend :) So thankful she took the time to come to Botswana!
If you are interested in coming to Botswana and ministering alongside of us, we would love to have you!


Taylor started learning how to play netball about 2 years ago and I (Amanda) joined in helping to coach not knowing a single thing about the sport (and still don't really know anything about it). This year she started playing competitively with her school against other teams. We are enjoying watching our little GS (goal shooter). Think polite basketball with no dribbling :)
Taylor shooting:, no one can directly block her,
but gives her space to shoot.

Celebrating after a goal..proud of our girl!

Church in Dutlwe

Pastor Thokwane came to us with a vision this last January. We had just worked with him in helping plant a church in the village of Ditshegwane.  His vision was to plant a church in all of the small villages outside of his large village of Molepolole. So where to next...Dutlwe (Doo-kway). His current church (Calvary Baptist in Molepolole) and the church in Ditshegwane are both working to plant this church and people are meeting every week for bible study. God is working!!
Which mode of transport would you like to take? Brent goes out
every Wednesday 2 1/2 hours each way to help plant the church here.
We are thankful for the truck God has provided for us!

Church in Dutlwe

Pastor Thokwane leading the church in Dutlwe

The many thorns you get in the village

Botswana Air Show

So we have missed he Botswana Air Show the past few years we have been here, so this year we decided to go. It was very crowded but a great experience.

Pajama Day

Who wouldn't want to wear their pajama's to school? This is just what the reception (kindergarten) classes all got to do for a day. Bradyn chose his special Batman pajama's for his special day. We loved going and meeting all of his friends/teachers and seeing his artwork. Love this boy!