Monday, March 10, 2014

Lobola-Traditional Wedding

This past weekend marked the traditional wedding of 2 very special people in our lives-Jack Rantho and Tshepo Kgaleng. The traditional wedding is where the groom pays the price for the bride that is negotiated between the uncles from both sides. Jack paid 8 cows and 1 lamb for Tshepo.

The day started before sunrise.


Above: The 8 cows and 1 lamb being delivered

Below: The family of the groom come and kneel and sit on the ground before the family of the bride in the chairs. The discuss that they are delivering the bride price.


Above: Rre Kgaleng-father of the bride

Below: The cows being put into their kraal


Above: The women of the groom’s side going to meet the women of the bride’s side. Mainly the groom’s side wore blue shawls and the bride’s side wore white shawls.

Below: Sitting across from each other with legs straight out in front of them


Above: Aunts of the groom’s side and bride’s side bringing the bride-Tshepo-her clothes for the day.

Below: Beautiful Tshepo


Above and below: Only married women and men are permitted to attend the Lobola. The single ladies had to help prepare the meal.


Above: Jack and Tshepo sitting together at a reception

Below: Jack giving the engagement ring to Tshepo


It was such a joy to be a part of Jack and Tshepo’s traditonal wedding. The white church weddings will be around the first of May. More pictures to come!!!

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