Saturday, July 9, 2016

IWC Botswana 2016

We just hosted our first IWC (International World Changers) team. Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia sent 14 high school students and 4 adults to come minister alongside of us here in Botswana for a week. We started the week by doing 3 days of VBS and prayer walking/evangelism in the areas where the kids come from. We then took a rest day and went on safari. The team then drove 2 hours out to the village of Ditshegwane where their church from Virginia has helped plant a church by sending people 2-3 times a year to this village. We ended the week with a youth day. What a great team this was!!

Prayer Walking and Evangelism
VBS-playing games with a parachute


VBS skits

VBS-arts and crafts

VBS-arts and crafts

VBS-jump rope

VBS-arts and crafts

125 kids on our last day of VBS
The IWC team with interpreters

Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Taylor!

On June 29 we celebrated Taylor's 9th birthday. She chose the theme of mismatch clothes and crazy hair and she invited her WHOLE class. We had 24 kids total show up and we had a great day with many games and prizes for the craziest mismatch clothes (Krissy) and Hair (Taylor).
Crazy Hair kids

Krissy won the best mismatched outfit

So Taylor would not let me dress up but her
Aunt Torie went all out :)

Tay and friends

Game: Get the oreo from your forehead to your mouth without us
using your hands

Game: Who can chew up the chappie (gum) the fastest and blow a bubble

Pinata time

Opening gifts

Who can have a party without impromptu dancing :)
Happy 9th birthday, Taylor!!