Monday, November 17, 2014


Our evening became very interesting last night when we had an unwanted visitor. At 10pm I had been sleeping for a good 30 minutes, ok an hour (I know I am old!) when Brent woke me up. Bo (our black lab) had a very unusual bark, so when Brent went to check it out he noticed a snake lying there. He was afraid it would slither off, so he woke me up to watch it (granted from inside the door) while he went to get a shovel and a few other things to try to kill it. When he got back he tried to hit it with a shovel that didn’t quite have a long enough handle so he threw it at the snake. Well, the snake was not dead due to his valiant efforts so he took a long metal stake (about 9 feet long) and took care of that critter.

After much heart racing, we rewarded our brave dog Bo with lots of dog treats and loving. I am so glad we have Bo…I think this makes up for him eating the trampoline, swing, hammock, and all my plants…I think!


By the way, it was a common house snake (we think) which is non-venomous.

Monday, November 3, 2014


So this whole Ebola thing is pretty scary and it seems to dominate the news, but we need to be educated as to how we can actually get it and where it is. It’s sad to hear that churches are canceling having missionaries come speak in their churches because they have been in Africa and many other situations that I can go on and on about.

How do you get it? You can get Ebola by coming into contact with the blood or body fluids of an animal or person who is infected. People often get sick with Ebola when they care for or bury a person who has the disease. Someone also can catch the virus by touching contaminated needles or surfaces

Where is Ebola? It’s in Western Africa in just a few countries. Please be educated on where Ebola is and know that Africa is a big continent. We are in southern Africa very very far away from Ebola.

Just sayin’!

no ebola


Happy Fall Y’all!

We as missionary momma’s have made it a tradition to get our kiddos together around Halloween and let the kiddos dress up, trick or treat from bedroom to bedroom, carve pumpkins, bake cookies, and just have fun together. Even though African countries don’t “celebrate” Halloween (for which I am mostly grateful), we try to let our kids get to do some of the things we did as a child and that are cherished memories for us and let them make their own memories.


Above: Wesley the storm trooper (with a buzz lightyear body), Bradyn the superman motorcycle boy, Elliot the birdwatcher, Lili the cowgirl, and Taylor “Little Bo Peep”

Below: Trick or treating from bedroom to bedroom


Baking ginger cookies. Many thanks for their missionary aunts coming to help out!


About a month ago I blogged about our dear friends the Wint’s coming through. This past week were on their way from Johannesburg, South Africa where they had their newest little one (Micah) back to their home in Zambia. We were so glad to get to spend time with them!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cool Spring Baptist Volunteer Trip

We had such a wonderful time with a volunteer team from Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia. We love the “mission-mindedness” of this church and their love for the nations. They came and were so flexible and willing to do whatever was needed. I’ll try to describe their trip in pictures and if you and your church would like to come minister alongside of us we would sure love to have you.



Above: They were able to visit with the Kgalaeng family. Rre Kgalaeng (Ray Kah-lah-ing) is the pastor at Molepolole (Mo-lee-po-lo-lee) Baptist Church and his wife runs the Orphan Care Center out of their church. The team brought some books for the children.

Below: Two of the wonderful ladies on the trip are school teachers. We were able to get them into the schools in Molepolole and they were able to share “The Two Paths” story from Matthew 7 with hundreds of children and encourage the teachers as well.


It would be a shame for them to come all the way to Africa and not see some of the amazing animals God created, so they went on an afternoon safari.


They also were able to attend the bible study that Amanda leads on Saturday morning, and helped out with the children and adult study that day.


This church is praying about adopting an area of Botswana called Ditshegwane (about 2 hours west of the capital). They were able to go out and do evangelism in this village.



Thank you Cool Spring Baptist for coming to serve in Botswana!!

Phatsimo’s Bridal Shower

It was my pleasure to host a bridal shower for my friend Phatsimo who will be married on November 29. We had a amazing fun time together showering her with love and gifts. There were so many who helped me pull this off and I am so thankful.

Below are the cupcakes I made for Phatsimo.


Above: Phatsimo, the bride to be

Below: Mma Wotho sharing marital advice


Above: Phatsimo’s friends opened the gifts for her and showed them to everyone…a little different than what we are used to.

Below: The older women praying for the bride




We had a great food committee that made some amazing food!


And there was dancing, too much fun!