Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cool Spring Baptist Church-young adult team

We just finished hosting our 3rd volunteer team from our partnering church, Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia.

They went out to the village of Ditshegwane where their church has helped plant a church. They shared the love of Christ with so many

Sharing Jesus in the village of Ditshegwane

Eating some watermelon
They also did children's ministry at both Molepolole Baptist Church and Gaborone Baptist Church. 

Thank you Cool Spring Baptist Church for being the hands and feet of Jesus!!

IWC (International World Changers)-LSU

We just hosted our 2nd group of volunteers from LSU. They were an IWC (International World Changers) team and they mainly worked in Northern Botwana in Francistown and Sebina.  Literally thousands heard the gospel and many hearts were turned to Jesus. What a joy they were to have here in Botswana being the hands and feet of Jesus!
The team

Evangelism-"Go therefore..." 

Sitting under the tree sharing Jesus

Drawing "Two Paths" in the sand (Matt. 7:13-14)

Which path are you on? The wide or narrow path? There is only one
way to the narrow path...through Jesus Christ. Matt 7:13-14

Will you accept Jesus into your heart?

Sharing Jesus in the schools to thousands of kids

Virginia Tech BCM

We just hosted our first of many volunteers this summer, some members of Virginia Tech's BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries). They came to do children's ministry and evangelism in and around the city. We worked at Molepolole Baptist Church building soccer goals and doing a VBS program in the afternoons and also worked with the children's ministries at both Gaborone Baptist Church and Naledi Baptist Church. Several hundred kids heard the gospel and were certainly shown the love of Christ.
Thomas helping with a craft

Building the soccer goals
Molepolole Baptist Church

Daniel and the Lions Den craft

Main Mall trying Mophane worms

Evangelism at Main Mall

Naledi Baptist Church Saturday Chidlren's program.
Love seeing my girl love the peope here!

The team with our kids

Hiking Kgale Hill
Thank you for coming to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Calm before the storm

Once a year, we go on a beach vacation to our closest beach which is 12 hours away called Durban, South Africa. We have come to love retreating there each year. This year we went with our friends the Scott's during the first week in May. It was a great calm before the storm as you will see in our next few posts as we have a load of volunteers coming.
Love that my boy writes my name in a heart in the long will I be his love?


Sweet friends

Biking the golden mile in Durban

Goodbye to sweet friends

Living life in a foreign land, it seems that we should not be the ones to have to say "goodbye" so much but it seems that lately life is filled with way too many hard goodbyes. Our great friends the Anderson's recently left and there is certainly a void there in our families life. Bradyn lost his best friend, Abe, and we all lost good friends that we hung out with often. 
Not sure which is worse...leaving or being left! Thankful though for the memories and season of friendships the Lord gives to each of us!
My Tuesday morning coffee and prayer group:
L to R: Amanda, Bonnie, Allison (our friend who left), Helen

Bradyn and his best friend Abe

Saying goodbye at the airport