Monday, March 10, 2014

Lobola-Traditional Wedding

This past weekend marked the traditional wedding of 2 very special people in our lives-Jack Rantho and Tshepo Kgaleng. The traditional wedding is where the groom pays the price for the bride that is negotiated between the uncles from both sides. Jack paid 8 cows and 1 lamb for Tshepo.

The day started before sunrise.


Above: The 8 cows and 1 lamb being delivered

Below: The family of the groom come and kneel and sit on the ground before the family of the bride in the chairs. The discuss that they are delivering the bride price.


Above: Rre Kgaleng-father of the bride

Below: The cows being put into their kraal


Above: The women of the groom’s side going to meet the women of the bride’s side. Mainly the groom’s side wore blue shawls and the bride’s side wore white shawls.

Below: Sitting across from each other with legs straight out in front of them


Above: Aunts of the groom’s side and bride’s side bringing the bride-Tshepo-her clothes for the day.

Below: Beautiful Tshepo


Above and below: Only married women and men are permitted to attend the Lobola. The single ladies had to help prepare the meal.


Above: Jack and Tshepo sitting together at a reception

Below: Jack giving the engagement ring to Tshepo


It was such a joy to be a part of Jack and Tshepo’s traditonal wedding. The white church weddings will be around the first of May. More pictures to come!!!

Cool Spring Baptist Church

Last week we had a volunteer team of four men come from Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia to see how their church could possibly partner with us in the future. We enjoyed them being here and are praying with them about how God can best use their talents.


If you or your church would like to come work alongside of us please contact us. We want you to be able to use the gifts the Lord has blessed you with whether it be conducting VBS, construction work, hunting ministry, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, or church leadership training. We want YOU to come to see what the Lord can do through YOU!!


If you’re like me, you take lots of pictures with your cell phone as it is convenient and always with you. I finally uploaded my pictures and wanted to post some fun shots.

Grammy joined us for Christmas. We had a fun time seeing her and also Santa (or Father Christmas as they call him here).


My kids love playing dress up. This day they were playing with Riley and having a wonderful time. Bradyn is normally dressed up as a princess too but this day he was a pumpkin. I have explicit directions to not post any pictures of him in dresses.


We have 3 times a week that we teach children: Friday afternoon bible club at our church, Saturday morning bible study, and Sunday morning Sunday school. We recently taught on King David and everyone made crowns. It was a lot of fun.


Taylor was recently invited to a birthday party for a child in her class. They went to a restaurant that had a playground and driving range. They all had a lot of fun.


Since Taylor is now in school in the mornings, Mommy and Bradyn have had a lot of time to spend together doing preschool. Bradyn also enjoys cooking, he is such a handsome fella!


Camping Trip to Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Brent went on a camping trip recently to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve with some other men. The Kalahari Desert composes most of Botswana  leaving a lot of it inhabitable with only about 2 million people in the entire country. We have finally hit the rainy season and even the desert got some rain as you will see below.

We enjoy the beauty of God’s creation here in Africa and wanted to share some pictures with you.


Above: Jackal

Below: Male Lion yawning



Above: A group of ostrich. Males are black and females are brown

Below: A group of Gemsbok with a cheetah in the tree behind them.


Above: Gemsbok

Below: Lion at the watering hole


Above: Wildebeast

Below: Gemsbok-These creatures are built for survival in the desert



Above: Cheetah

Below: Camp with the shower and toilet in the background