Saturday, February 20, 2016

Love my kiddos!

Bradyn brought this drawing home from school for Valentine's Day. This is our family. I am the one with the blue dress and green hair. When I asked Bradyn if the yellow things were wings, his response was, "no, they are the puffy sleeves princesses have on their arms." I am thankful in my little boys eyes that I am a princess.
Left to right: Daddy, Bradyn, Mommy, and Taylor
We went out to the village for church on Valentine's Day and Brent preached about how we are to share the love of Christ with those around us. Taylor loved on this little boy today, I am thankful for children who love the Batswana as much as we do!
Taylor and baby James

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Saying goodbye

We recently had to say goodbye to 4 different units here in Botswana. Some of them took early retirement, one was headed back to the States to get married, and one moved to Kenya. Living on.  the mission field is filled with a lot of hellos and goodbyes, yet it never gets easier saying goodbye. This past weekend we said goodbye to Robert and Margaret Fortenberry. They have been missionaries for 21+ years here. They meant a lot to Batswana and our family, especially our kids who they adopted as their grandchildren. Here are a few shots of their farewell party and click on this link if you would like to see a video of their time in Botswana
Robert and Margaret Fortenberry

Brent speaking at their farewell service

Dressing Margaret up as a Motswana

Taylor's nanny Bantle who watched her when she was 2 years old
when we were studying the language-Setswana

Big hugs at the airport

All the kids saying goodbye

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Thanks, Robert and Margaret for your many years of service in Botswana!

Jesus film

On Fridays at the children's after school ministry at Gaborone Baptist Church, we are doing movie and popcorn day the last Friday of every month. In January we showed "the Jesus film for kids".  We had about 130 show up for this and many of them came to know the Lord through the watching of this film. It's so exciting to see what God is doing in the hearts of these kids!
Kids watching the movie

Emily's bridal shower

Emily served with the IMB here in Botswana for almost 3 years. She met a wonderful man named Michael and is heading back to the States to get married this March. The women at church here wanted to have a bridal shower for her before she left. Here are a few shots from the fun day we all had together.

Emily and her friend Brittany pretending to be her fiancé
Mma Kabika, the pastor's wife, giving some wise words
 We divided the women up and had them dress 4 women/girls up as brides with toilet paper and Emily would judge the most beautiful dress.
Keneilwe becoming a bride

Tebogo getting dressed
Khalipa becoming a beautiful bride

Refilwe representing the young women

All the beautiful brides with Khalipa the winner
Congrats Michael and Emily! We wish you all the best!

1st day of school

Both kids started a new school year in January. Taylor started 3rd grade and Bradyn started Kindergarten. So proud of these little munchkins and can't believe how quickly they are growing up!
Ready for their 1st day
Daddy walking his boy to his 1st day of class

Bradyn's drawing of his mom and dad

Bradyn holding his teachers hand going into class for the 1st time

All of Taylor's friends excited to see her on the 1st day

Taylor and Molly-best friends

Where does the time go? So proud!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

School Supplies

Baptist Global Response (BGR) recently provided school supplies for the children's ministry at Gaborone Baptist Church. Each Friday we meet together after school and the kids get to play, sing songs, learn bible verses, hear a bible story, and do a craft. This ministry has been so vital to this community and we have seen many children come to know the Lord.
We saw the need for kids to have school supplies in this area. One of the kids parents told me that their daughter was using an old notebook from the previous school year and just had a couple of pages left to write in for her school notes this year. She said it was such a blessing to get the notebooks and school supplies for her daughter. The kids will be more confident in who they are by going to school with the proper school supplies. The love of Christ was shown to these children through this project.

Singing songs together
Hearing a bible story

Kids lining up for their school supplies

The Pastor's wife-Mma Kabika-handing out some of the school supplies

Thank you BGR ( for providing for the children at Gaborone Baptist Church!!