Thursday, June 21, 2012

Saturday Bible Study

On Saturday mornings, Amanda has been doing a bible study in Ledumang with 4 adults and about 8 children. The Lord continues to do some pretty amazing things through this ministry. We have been meeting at a girl named Maria’s plot (yard outside of her home). Her mom used to have a stand on the side of the road selling meat, but she became ill around the 1st of the year and was unable to leave the plot, so she started selling Chibuku (traditional beer). We were meeting at her plot that now has turned into a local bar. The Lord kept opening doors for us to continue meeting there and now I know why. Three weeks ago as we just finished a children’s story and song, we were getting ready to start our adult bible study in John and a young man named Alex around 30 years of age pulled up a seat. It was only around 10:30am and clearly he had already been drinking at the bar on the plot. The Lord had a divine appointment for him that day. As we talked about Jesus and how he picked his friends the disciples, we learned how Alex used to be in church but his friends had become a bad influence on him and he was no longer in church. He had tears in his eyes throughout our study. Please pray for him as the Lord works on his life and that he would make the right choices…he has not returned to bible study but we know the Lord can do great and mighty things.

Also pray for Onalenna who is one of the adults studying with us. The Jehovah’s witnesses have been frequenting her house and studying with her. She came over this past Tuesday and we studied in depth about what the Jehovah’s Witnesses truly believe. She realized that they were false teachers, so please pray for her to have wisdom in this situation.


Above: My friend Torie joined me this day, Onalenna, and Maria



Gaborone Baptist Church

Here is a group picture of the children from our Friday children’s ministry at Gaborone Baptist Church. When we first started working with the kids we had about 15 kids attending and have grown to average around 50 kids each week. Please pray that the Lord would raise up some more nationals to work alongside of us as the ministry continues to grow.



Four of the girls in this picture accepted Christ into their heart a few weeks ago. We are currently doing a study of John to disciple these young ladies. We meet on Friday’s after the children’s ministry is completed. Pray for them by name: Koziba, Banti, Antonnet, and Boipelo.

Package from GBC

We have been so blessed with packages lately. I can’t tell you the excitement that we all have, especially the kiddos, when a package arrives. Thanks to Greenridge Baptist Church in Maryland who sent us the package below from their Kindergarten Class. Taylor asked if it was Christmas as she was opening all of the goodies. Thanks so much for loving on our kids!!!



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hiking Kgale Hill

Kgale Hill is one of the only “hills” overlooking the city of Gaborone. Most of where we live is very flat so Kgale Hill stands out. We decided to try to conquer this hill with our 2 kids. Not an easy thing to do but we made it and made lots of fun memories.