Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let's go on a walk!

Yesterday we went on a walk and documented our walk with our camera. So come go on a walk with us.
This kids took 50 Pula (about $4) of their money and we went to the shops near our house.

We ran into daddy coming home from a bike ride
 We said goodbye to Bo at our gate, he really wanted to come.

We took a shortcut path right by our house
These single track paths are everywhere as it is a walking society 
 The local car wash
 The railroad track that runs right behind our house
 Termite mound
We made it to the shops and Taylor spent her money on lip glosses. She is our spender! Bradyn is our saver and brought all of his money back home with him minus the 3 Pula (50 cents) for ice cream.

One of the 2 drive-thru's in Botswana is at a "Chicken Licken" and it is called a "Fly-Thru" where we went for ice cream

 This billboard is near our house, it's a great advertisement for insurance :)
 This is the "Baba Shop" behind our house where men go to get their hair cut
So there you go, a little walk for the day. Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, April 17, 2015


We had a great meeting last week with other missionaries throughout southern Africa. A volunteer team came from FBC Perryton, TX and South Georgia Baptist Church in Texas to lead us in worship, the study of the Word, and to care for our kiddos. We had such a great time with a theme of "a restful heart". So thankful for this time that we can gather together and share what the Lord is doing in our mission fields and to pray with and for each other. We love our mission family!

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Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church is one of our Baptist churches here in Botswana located in the large village of Molepolole (Mo-lee-po-lo-lee). Brent recently preached there and we always have a fun time worshipping with them. Please pray for the pastor and his wife, Moruti (Mo-roo-tee) Thokwane (toe-kwah-nee) and Mmamoruti Thokwane.
Above: Brent preaching, Morutie Thokwane on his left, and Lesh his interpreter on his right
Below: Taylor catching grasshoppers and the girls watching her

Above: How the women carry their babies
Below: Mmamoruti Thokwane teaching the children for sunday school

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Taylor had her Cinderella play at school recently. She was one of 6 mice and her name was "Sweetie Pie." She was the sassy little mouse that needed "a manicure and her whiskers waxed." We were so proud of her!
Above: Taylor and her best friend Molly
Below: Taylor and her friend Changu

Above: Cinderella, Cheese Head, Sweetie Pie, and the fairy godmother

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Rally

Easter used to be filled with hours of shopping for that perfect Easter dress that I normally ended up having to wear a sweater or jacket over top of as it was normally freezing on Easter. Our Easters now are filled with finding clothes that we don’t mind getting dirty. Every Easter weekend, Baptists from all over Botswana gather in a field in a small village called Radisele.  It truly is such a sweet time to escape the everyday distractions and spend Friday-Sunday with our brothers and sisters in Christ worshipping our risen Savior. Brent lead several seminars on tithing and Amanda helped teach the 45+ kids that attended.

easter rally 3

Above: Brent teaching a seminar on tithing

Below: Amanda, Torie, and Margaret  teaching the children about the “Full Armor of God”

Easter rally 1easter rally 4easter rally 5

The kids loved this little sand mound and played on it all weekend

easter rally 2easter rally 9easter rally 10

Above: The Easter Rally is in the village of Radisele. They have constructed a small structure and all other sessions are held in large tents or under trees.

Below: Thanks to Sewell Valley Baptist Church for sending their leftover VBS materials on “The Battle for Truth”

easter rally 11easter rally 12

Above: Trash bags for the “breastplate of righteousness” and the “shoes of peace”

Below: On Easter Sunday, the kids recited Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take you stand against the devil’s schemes” and also sang a song for everyone.

easter rally 16