Monday, January 18, 2010


There is a saying here, “TIA” which simply means “This is Africa”. Living here is one of the most incredible things and it is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Sometimes we think we are still in America, until a few things happen during our day to remind us that we are a long way away from home.

  • The other day we heard something in our fireplace and Brent opened up the vent and a huge bird let him grab it and take it outside (of course after we took pictures of it and let Taylor touch it)


  • You see a lady walk up to a huge ant hill and get a “snack”
  • A scorpion went scurrying through our kitchen this evening
  • Brent went to go pay his first speeding ticket  at the police station but could not pay it because they did not have a receipt book available (they asked him to come back tomorrow)
  • You show up to a meeting 30 minutes late and you are right on time
  • Being woken up at 2am because cattle are walking right outside our house
  • You have to slow down to allow cows, goats, and donkeys to cross the road
  • We walked outside and found a monkey in our fig tree

IMG_1091 In all seriousness, we love living here and are so thankful to serve our Lord in Africa!

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