Friday, January 8, 2010

South Africa

We have been quite busy the last couple weeks. Our time has been filled with language school, visit from friends from Madagascar, and a 3 day trip to South Africa to Pilanesburg Game Reserve and Magaliesberg. We spent 2 full days exploring the  Pilanesberg Game Reserve  seeing cheetah, giraffe, zebra, elephants, and many other game animals.

We also were able to visit a place called the Lion Park. They had some 3 month old lion cubs and some 7 month old lion cubs that we were able to go in and pet. How crazy is it to actually get to touch a lion? Taylor loved it for sure!!IMG_0482

Above and below is a 7 month old lion cub. Their paws and claws are so big!


IMG_0528 Stitch

This is a view in the Magaliesberg Mountains. We took this road that 4 wheel drive is a necessity to get over and the views were breathtaking.



This is in the Pilanesburg Game Reserve. We turned a corner and this elephant was in the middle of the road. He continued to walk in the road in front of us for about 20 minutes and finally we were able to get around him. This gives a whole new meaning to “road block”.

We stayed at the Jameson Country Cottages, so if you are ever looking into a place to stay in the Magaliesberg area then we would recommend this place.


  1. wow! how neat... I love elephants.

  2. Can't wait till you guys come back to SA in a couple weeks. Braai at the Siedschlags!