Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Language Learning

Even though in most of our previous blogs it looks like we are shooting all the animals here in Africa and seeing some amazing sights, most of our time here actually has been spent with the local pastor of Lobatse Baptist Church. His name is Jack and he is our wonderful language helper. We have been learning Setswana Monday through Friday from 8:30am-11:30am since December 1. We are learning a lot, but still have a long way to go to being fluent.


Here are a few phrases if you want to try to see how to pronounce some words in Setswana:

Dumela mma (Doo-mail-a-ma) = Hello to a woman                            

Dumela rra (Doo-mail-a-ra) = Hello to a man

O tsogile jang? (oo-tsoo-hee-lay-ja-ng?) = How are you?

Ke tsogile sentle (Kay-tsoo-hee-lay-say-n-klay) = I am well

Leina lame ke Taylor (Lay-ee-na-la-may-kay) = My name is Taylor (this is Taylor’s favorite thing to say to everyone she meets and she has her greetings down as well)

ee mma (ay-ma) = yes ma’am

nyaa rra = no sir

Ke a leboga (Kay-a-lay-bo-ha) = Thank you

Learning their heart language is opening so many doors for us. Please keep us in your prayers that as we continue to learn more that our minds would be clear and be able to remember what we have learned in the past.

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