Monday, January 25, 2010

Taylor’s nanny and her 1st day of school

Taylor has become a very busy girl lately. While we are in language school she is normally at our house with her nanny, Bantle (Bon-Klay). She has grown to love Bantle very much and we are so thankful to have her watching Taylor for us. We did make the decision that once a week that Taylor would attend a nursery school with children ranging in age from 2-5. We wanted her to be around other children learning the language and she as well gets to do monkeynastics (kind of like gymnastics). Below is a picture of Taylor on her 1st day of school which was this past Friday. She had her backpack on and was so happy to be going to school. When we got there she was looking for her old friends at her previous school so she was sad when Madylanne, Owen, Olivia, and Andrew were not in class with her, but we told her she could make new friends.    She was such a big girl that she didn’t even cry when we left her…she is growing up so quickly!



Taylor with her backpack ready for her 1st day of school.


Bantle and Taylor making a birthday cake out of playdoh.


  1. Such a sweet picture. Owen misses his old school friends as well and talks about them often. Owen says "Have fun at your new school Taylor. I like to go to my school too."

  2. Man she's cute. First day of school! I can't believe our girls are growing up so fast.