Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cool Spring Baptist Church Volunteer Team

Have you ever considered adopting a village? This is just what Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia has done with the village of Ditshewagne (Dee-say-wah-nee) which is about 2 hours west of Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. We have been working hard to get a church planted in this region and Cool Spring Baptist Church has committed to come about 3 times a year and work in this village and pray for them continually.
They just spent a week here teaching nationals how to do Sports Evangelism and taking them to Ditshewagne and implementing what they had learned. Many children from the school were able to hear the gospel. They showed the Jesus film one evening and over 300 people came and 52 decisions were made to follow Christ. In the past we have tried to get people together for a church service and only 2 to 7 people would show up...this week 21 showed up! We are so excited to see what the Lord is doing in the village of Ditshewagne through Cool Spring Baptist Church.
If you or  your church would like to adopt a village or come partner alongside of us, please let us know!

The team from Cool Spring Baptist with our family

Children's Friday ministry at GBC making "the belt of truth"
Children from Gaborone Baptist Church
Gaborone Baptist Church children's Friday ministry
Ladies tea for the Pastor's wives and missionary ladies.

Thomas with Taylor and Bradyn.

This team loved on and spoiled our children, we are so thankful for them!
Below pictures are from the village of Ditshewagne where the team did Sports Evangelism through the Primary School, showed the Jesus Film and did evangelism from house to house.

They taught the children flag football


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