Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baptism at Calvary

You know you love a moment when you take a bazillion pictures. That's just what our day held last Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church as they baptized 10 new believers. There are so many things that are so different from our culture that the experiences can sometimes be overwhelming and I mean that in a good way.  The baptisms here are a day long event, not necessarily because of the services but because of having to make a makeshift baptism, fill it with water, and then try to heat some of the water since we are now in our "winter" season. Below are some pictures from this special day, we had an amazing day rejoicing with these new believers. 
Pastor Thokwane preaching before the baptism at
Calvary Baptist Church in Molepolole
This sweet girl was being sweet and playing peek-a-boo with us

Brent and the kids sitting on the wall outside as the tarp was being cleaned

Boiling water over an open fire so the water would not be so cold
for the baptism, we are in our winter season now
The guys went and got barrels of water and filled he baptism pool

This sweet young lady that the pastor's wife was carrying on her back
is crippled and can't walk. She was baptized as well.

Baptism of 1 of the 10 new believers

This is a man from the village of Ditshewagne who was recently saved.
He and his wife were both baptized this day and will hopefully help with
the church plant our in Ditshewagne.

Bradyn hanging out with all the kids watching the baptism

Pastor Thokwane baptizing this sweet lady

Family selfie

This poor girl zonked out...long day!
This is an old abandoned bus on the church property we
thought was a cool backdrop

Brent and Bradyn
Some kids were riding this bike around the village. Brent
caught up with them and got a picture of the boys, so fun!


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