Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let's go on a walk!

Yesterday we went on a walk and documented our walk with our camera. So come go on a walk with us.
This kids took 50 Pula (about $4) of their money and we went to the shops near our house.

We ran into daddy coming home from a bike ride
 We said goodbye to Bo at our gate, he really wanted to come.

We took a shortcut path right by our house
These single track paths are everywhere as it is a walking society 
 The local car wash
 The railroad track that runs right behind our house
 Termite mound
We made it to the shops and Taylor spent her money on lip glosses. She is our spender! Bradyn is our saver and brought all of his money back home with him minus the 3 Pula (50 cents) for ice cream.

One of the 2 drive-thru's in Botswana is at a "Chicken Licken" and it is called a "Fly-Thru" where we went for ice cream

 This billboard is near our house, it's a great advertisement for insurance :)
 This is the "Baba Shop" behind our house where men go to get their hair cut
So there you go, a little walk for the day. Hope you enjoyed!

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