Friday, January 17, 2014

Bags of Joy

We were so thankful this year when Brent’s mom came to visit for Christmas time. We miss family so much and during the holidays it becomes even harder so the fact that she and Mike come to visit us during the holidays means so much. This year she teamed up with many from Greenridge Baptist Church, her school, and friends to help make cloth bags and gather fun things to stuff in the bags. She came with 3 extra bags full of toothbrushes, soap, pencils, toys, flip flops, etc to hand out to all of the kids we minister to here in Botswana. What a blessing these bags were to so many!

Below Taylor and Bradyn laid all 70 bags out in our living room floor and helped stuff them.


Below: The first place we gave out bags was in Ledumang (Lay-doo-mah-ng) where we have a ladies/children’s bible study every Saturday morning. Grammy even taught the bible story that day.


Below: Sunday morning brought us to our church at Gaborone Baptist Church. Brent spoke that morning and Amanda and Grammy took the kids for Sunday School. At the end the kids got their bags and were so excited.


Grammy was also able to visit the Children’s Ward at our local government hospital called Princess Marina. We have friends from the States who are the pediatric oncologists here in Gaborone and we were able to give out bags to many of their cancer patients and several other sick kids who were in the hospital



Brent has been working in the village of Mochudi for many years now. We were able to visit the families that he ministers to to hand out bags and remind them of the ultimate gift in Jesus Christ. Below is the Moreki family that we love so much and they were all together this day.


Above: Mma Moreki with her granddaughter and of course Grammy. Two amazing grandmothers!

Below: This is Lydia and Lame (Lah-may). Lame is now 7 years old and has been sick pretty much his whole life. Lydia accepted Jesus in her heart shortly after he was born and faithfully attends bible study. We still pray for a cure for Lame and these bags put a smile on his face this day.


Thanks to all who helped make these bags possible!!

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