Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Weeks

When you think of two weeks it really is not that long, but when daddy is away for two weeks that changes everything. Brent recently attended an urban conference training in South Africa for missionaries in all of Sub-Sahara Africa to help them know better how to reach those in the cities here in Africa. He learned a lot and we are very thankful that he went, but the kids and I had to stay at home and continue our lives-homeschool, ballet, ministry-while he was away. Below are a few shots from our two weeks, we made the best of it but were so thankful when Brent finally arrived back home.


Above: Bo-our new Labrador puppy-was allowed to come in and play some nights. He loved that time with the kids.

Below-We got together with all of the other missionary women to fellowship and pray. We got ice cream afterwards and Bradyn’s face showed how delicious it was.


Above: Bradyn exhausted after a day out at church doing children’s ministry and pizza night at a friends. He zonked out on the 15 minute ride home.

Below: My dear friend Onalenna just celebrated her 27th birthday. She and I have studied the bible together for 2 years now. We went out for her birthday and had such a fun time together.


Below: The kids got to play at a playground while Onalenna and I had a nice dinner. Taylor made a friend and if you know her that is a very easy task for her. She and this little boy just clicked and were the best of friends. He gave her the necklace she is wearing before we left-it was his favorite good luck charm and wanted her to have it.


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