Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baba Shop

Everyday we drive or walk past this little shop beside the road and it makes us smile every time. This is a pretty common structure put up that Batswana men get their haircut at for 10 pula (about $1.50). Apparently someone spelled it as it sounded in English “Barber Shop” or “Baba Shop”.


Recently, Taylor and I had a date to get our haircut. This is very out of the norm as I normally trim her hair, but Taylor wanted to go quite a bit shorter so I was a little nervous to do it myself. And no we did not go to the local Baba Shop.


1004201327010042013271Above: The finished product

Below: Taylor has been training for her 1st 1k run being held on November 9. On our run the other day we took the camera and took some photos on our journey. Below is Taylor sitting on the railroad tracks that run right behind our house.



Above: This is a very common site-a Termite mound. They get so big!

Below: This is one of our car washes that we visit that are set up along the side of the road. The big green tank is called a “JoJo” and is where they store recycled water they use to wash the cars.


Above: We stopped at one of the many stands on the side of the road and visited with this lady. What a fun day out on our run!

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