Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Fall Y’all!

Most of you in the States are experiencing fall weather and preparing for Halloween.  We are in summer and It is blazing hot here (currently 105 degrees), but we still try to carry on with some of the traditions we did when we were kids.  So today we got with a couple of other American families and let the kids dress up. We did some fall crafts and baked some yummy sugar cookies. Halloween is not celebrated here in Botswana, so I think if we went out in costume and knocked on someones gate asking for candy we probably would be labeled as “crazy”. So instead we let the kids go from bedroom to bedroom and get candy. They had a lot of fun as did the mommy’s.


The beautiful orange pumpkins you find in the States are pretty much non-existent here. One store had imported a couple of pumpkins and my friend Laura was able to find one the other day so the kids got to carve it. So much fun!


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