Thursday, June 13, 2013

Charleston, SC

During our Stateside time, Brent and I wanted to have a little getaway with just the two of us. We were so thankful that Mamaw and Papaw agreed to watch the kids for two nights while we had a little getaway to Charleston, SC. We visited Charleston on our 2nd anniversary and were so excited to get to come back on our almost 9th anniversary. What a beautiful city!

There are lots of horse drawn carriage rides through the city, but we decided to tour the city a little differently (see below).


Touring the city by bike. Definitely recommended!


Above: Typical Charleston home

Below: Boys who “gave” me some flowers made of sweetgrass. They told me I could have it because I was so pretty…someone trained them well and I ended up giving them money anyways.


Above: The bridge crossing into Charleston.

Below: There are beautiful wooden swings all over the city and we took advantage of sitting in as many as possible.


So thankful that the Lord placed us on this journey of life together!

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