Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fire Trucks, Helicopters, and a Skywheel

About 8 years ago before we had kids, Brent and I were walking through Broadway at the Beach and there was a store called “Riderz” and Brent said if he ever had a little boy that he would want to bring him here to bring to build a toy car together. This is basically "Build a Bear” for a boy.  Well, this dream finally came true, and he and Bradyn built their 1st car together. Well, not a car but what Bradyn is obsessed with right now…a fire truck! They got to pick out the sound, wheels (spinners), tires, exhaust pipes, and lots of other fun things. I was not sure who was having more fun, Brent or Bradyn.


Mamaw and Papaw (Amanda’s parents) were at the beach with us for about a week and we got to knock a few things off of Mamaw’s bucket list. She had never flown so she, Papaw and Taylor went on their 1st helicopter ride. They also rode the Skywheel Ferris Wheel together. Lots of fun memories were made!


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