Friday, July 5, 2013

WV-Goodbye trip

We have traveled nearly 15,000 miles in the last 7 months during our time in the States. We have visited our family/friends and many churches during this time, yet our time is coming to an end. We leave on July 10, 2013 to head back to Botswana so it is time  yet again to start saying goodbye. We traveled to West Virginia in late June/early July to say goodbye and had a great time with Amanda’s family.


Above: Bradyn riding the pedal car at Mamaw and Papaw’s house

Below: On June 29, Taylor celebrated her 6th birthday and Jaiden (our niece) celebrated her 8th birthday.


On June 30, 2013, all of Amanda’s mom’s family got together for a fun cookout. Below is a family photo of the Martin family.


Above: All of the great-grandchildren

Below: Uncle Chris took Taylor mudding and she did not come back with a clean spot anywhere.


We will miss our family in WV-thanks for some great memories!

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