Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toyota Desert Race 1000

This past weekend I was able to attend a rally held in our backyards. It was a blast of super fast cars, trucks, bikes, and 4 wheelers. I was able to attend with a MK and we had so much fun, here are some pictures of a great day. IMG_4441 This was the first time the BMW X3 came to the race, it was a real crowd pleaser.

IMG_4443This is Micah, he is a 16 year old Missionary Kid (MK). Fellow missionaries are called Uncles and Aunts and it’s great to be the cool Uncle every so often. It was great to hang out with this young man.

IMG_4464 This is a buggy going around a turn, we came home completely  covered in dust but having a great day.

IMG_4509 Buggy getting some air. The Kalahari Desert is such a beautiful place. We live right on the edge of the desert, we were able to get to this location within 30 minutes from the house. 

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