Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Botswana Wedding

Brent had the wonderful privilege of attending a Botswana Wedding. It was a very long day, He left the house at 7:30am and returned at 6:30pm that night. It was a wonderful day and one of those days that make you so happy to be living in such a wonderful place. The true beauty of Africa is not the wonderful landscapes, exotic locations, or amazing animals, but it is simply the people. This wedding was a true testimony to this. Here are some pictures of this wonderful day.

IMG_4243 This is the bride and her father walking down the aisle.

IMG_4250This is inside the church where they were married. The Bride and Groom are located at the back. They sat for most of the wedding, only standing for the vows. The wedding was almost 2 hours, mostly comprising of Praise and Worship to the LORD.

IMG_4257  This is my friend Moses Motsweng and his wife saying their vows.

IMG_4266Weddings always makes the grandparents happy. Here they are dressed up in Tradional Batswana dress, dancing after the vows, singing Praises to the LORD for a half in hour.

IMG_4306This tent was set up in the wife’s home village, it was beautifully decorated with hanging fabric. The entire village came to the wedding.

IMG_4328 After greeting the elders, the wedding party made their way into the tent for a meal.

IMG_4346Dinner was wonderful, fresh salads, greens, and beef made up the menu.

IMG_4365After dinner the wedding party had a costume change. They all changed into blue and did a dance together at the very end.

This is the true beauty of Africa. To see an entire village show up for a wedding of two very strong believers is a wonderful thing. We truly are blessed to be serving the Lord here!

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