Monday, September 6, 2010

Mommy’s little helper

Today was laundry day and Taylor always likes to help mommy whether she is hanging laundry, cooking, or watering the flowers. Here’s some pictures of part of our day today.

09062010(004) As I hang the laundry, Taylor takes the clothes pins and hangs them all over the bottoms of the clothes. I wonder when she will figure out that doesn’t really help…I sure will not ever tell her! And yes, she was wearing a princess outfit that she picked out for the day.

We also have been doing school regularly now that Brent and I have finished language school. She truly loves to learn and right now I can threaten her that we won’t do school if she is misbehaving, I just wonder at what age she will change wanting to do school so much.


09062010(005)  Right now we are learning how to recognize and write her ABCs. I will dot a line for her and then she connects the dots to make the letters. We then find things that start with that letter and attempt to draw them (don’t laugh at some of our drawings as I’ve never claimed to be an artist but my little girl can tell what they are, ha ha)09062010(006) She also is learning more and more bible verses. I find it helpful to make up motions to help her remember. I’ve also drawn pictures on the bottom of the page so she will know which verse it is until she can learn to read.

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  1. It is great that you are hanging your laundry to dry. What a great role model. I have been air drying my families laundry on a wooden clothes drying rack for a number of years now. My son recently moved out and he asked for a rack so that he would not have to get a dryer.