Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Soccer

If you know much about the African culture, much of life revolves around soccer. The World Cup Soccer Tournament started on June 11 and will last until July 11, so all we hear right now is about who is playing and who won the game the night before. This has opened the door for a great ministry opportunity here in Lobatse. The church doors have been opened for most of the games and the games are being projected onto a screen. We have a team of 9 folks here from Kentucky, the 7 college students from Mississippi, as well as members of our church have been spreading the good news as well as inviting people to come to the church to watch the games. For the first game of South Africa vs. Mexico we had about 120 people join us at the church which is just amazing…we are just so happy that people are coming to the church and not a bar to watch the game. At halftime we are presenting the gospel and handing out tracks after the game. So for the next month please pray for the World Cup to open many doors for all of us to spread the good news of Jesus.

Next Saturday, June 19, Brent and I and the 7 college students from Mississippi will be attending the Ghana vs. Australia game, so be sure to look for us! 




This is one of the volunteers from Kentucky-Barbara- helping out with a child so his mom could watch the game.


These are some of Amanda’s friends. Starting from the left: Natasha, Munosi, and Kay. Munosi is about 17 years old and comes over to hang out at our house a lot and also helps out with the children’s ministry at church.

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