Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank you!

We just wanted to personally say thank you to each of you who has given sacrificially over the last year to the Lottie Moon offering that keeps all of the 5,000 missionaries around the world on the field. Due to the lack of sufficient funds, the IMB has had to reduce the amount of new missionaries as well as not allowing terms to be extended for some couples already on the field. We recently received the following information from our president, Jerry Rankin:

“We have been monitoring closely receipts to the 2009 LM as the closing date to our LM fiscal year approached.  I am delighted to share with you that the total reached $148,984,819.41 which is a 5.43 percent increase over last year.  While receipts are far short of our goal of $175 million, it is the third highest amount received in the history of LM.  The total is the amount received over the last 12 months and includes about $4 million given by many in supplemental gifts last summer.  We praise the Father for His faithfulness through SBs and how this reflects the continuing priority commitment by SBs in these times of a challenging economy.  The total received will enable us to cover the amount included in the overseas operating budget, but, unfortunately, will not enable us to reverse our current efforts to restrict appointments and reduce the number of personnel.”

Thank you for all you do from your giving, prayers, and encouragement keeping us overseas!

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