Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ke Nako!

We have heard the words “Ke Nako” over the past several weeks so many times. Simply this means “It’s time!” This is the 1st time that the World Cup of soccer has been in Africa. On June 19 we were very blessed to be able to attend  one of the soccer games between Ghana and Australia in Rustenburg, South Africa about 2 1/2 hours from our house. It was one of those surreal moments that we could not believe we were actually sitting at a World Cup game. Here’s some shots from our day.


We went with the 7 college students who are here for the summer. From left to right: Brent, Amanda, Allison, Kasey, Sterling, Ben, Brett, Ashley, and Charrisa.


Here’s us with the stadium behind us. Taylor stayed at home with Aunt Margaret, but we will certainly have to tell our little boy that he attended his 1st World Cup game before he was even born.


There were many interesting people at this game. One was this Australian man dressed in a spandex Australian flag.


Here are some Ghana fans. We decided to cheer for Ghana during this game and we were greatly outnumbered. There was about 75% of the people in the crowd of 44,000 cheering for Australia.


During halftime a huge flag with the all the nations represented was draped over a section of the stadium and it said “Jesus, King of the Nations, Every Tongue Will Confess”. How awesome!!!


This is pain on the face of an Australian fan knowing they were not going to win the game.


Australian was in gold/yellow and Ghana was in white. The score ended up being 1-1 at the end of the match and was such an exciting game! We hope to post all of our pictures on our photo site so check it out soon if you want to see more

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