Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lusaka, Zambia (city living)

The past 30 days we have been part of an orientation program called 40/40 in Zambia (I’ll do a separate posting about each part). Our first 12 days were spent in the capital city of Zambia called Lusaka. We were able to go out every day with our helpers to different parts of the city and tell people about Jesus and to learn about the African culture.

On one of these days out in the community, we were able to meet with someone who was sick to learn about the healthcare available. The lady we met with was named Brenda. She had the end stages of AIDS and also had just had a surgery to remove a boil from her stomach…she was the skinniest person I have ever seen in real life and she barely had enough energy to talk. When I first saw her my stomach had a huge pit in it as I could see how sick and close to death she was. We sat and talked with her about an hour and she had never heard the name of God or Jesus before. I told her about a 15 minute story of Creation to Christ and I could not hold back the tears as we sat with her and I told her I didn’t want her to go to hell, and as tears streamed down her face, she asked Jesus to come into her heart. This is why I came to Africa and if no one else gets saved, it has been worth it. Please pray for Brenda as she is in so much pain and praise the Lord for her accepting Jesus into her life. ~Amanda


Taylor playing in a tree


Here are some of the helpers (Bridget was my helper-3rd from the right)



We ate out one day with our helpers. This day Brent was able to eat some interesting things like the caterpillars above. Amanda stuck with trustworthy/safe CHICKEN.



To get around town we had to take local transportation. We all rode these mini buses to our destinations. The most we ever fit on one mini bus was 21 people and it was very packed.

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