Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ibis Gardens

To end our 30 days of training, we went to Ibis Gardens, a resort just outside of Lusaka, for 3 days. We enjoyed some relaxing time and getting those long needed showers.


The grounds at Ibis Gardens were beautiful, we enjoyed our time there


Taylor was enjoying running in the grass after the guinea fowl


Here’s a picture of most of the staff and participants who went through 40/40 with us

If you want to know how to pronounce some words in Chinanga (pronounced: Chin-yan-ja), one of the 72 languages in Zambia, here you go:

  • Mulibwanji (Moo-lee-bwan-gee) = How are you?
  • Ndilibwino (Ndee-lee-bween-oh) = I am fine
  • Zikomokwambili (Zee-ko-mokam-bee-lee) = Thank you very much
  • Mwauka Bwanji (Mwa-oo-ka-bwan-gee) = Good morning (you rose how?)
  • Nauka Bwino (Na-oo-ka-bween-oh) = I rose well
  • Mwachoma Bwanji (Mwa-ch-oh-ma-bwan-gee) = Good afternoon (You passed the day how?)
  • Nachoma Bwino (Na-ch-oh-ma-bween-oh) = I have passed the day well

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