Wednesday, November 25, 2009


For 3 days and nights we lived with an African family…Nelson and Ida Banda and their 9 children. Amanda was able to help Ida do the cooking and washing of the dishes, while Brent worked with Nelson and did a lot of sitting around as most African men do while the women are working. All cooking is done outside over a fire and washing the dishes is also done by drawing water and scrubbing/washing the dishes in a bucket outside. If a pot is really dirty you scrub it with dirt first to get the yuck off of it, so ladies if you don’t have a scouring pad around or Ajax then just go outside and get you some dirt.


Nelson and Ida Banda and most of their family


Brent coloring and using stickers with the kids


It’s planting season, so we walked to their “close” fields which was an hour walk each way. Taylor rode on Amanda’s back in a chitenge (wrap).


Taylor’s new friend Mariana. Her favorite part of our homestay was getting to run around without shoes.

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