Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fear Factor-Africa Style

Whew!!! It has been such a crazy 2 months. We have literally had volunteers here constantly since the middle of May. As crazy as it has been, God has done such amazing things through these volunteers being the hands and feet of Jesus and serving Him in so many different ways. So many have heard the Good News and many have come to personally know Him. 

One evening we took a little time to play a game of "Fear Factor-Africa Style". Many, many laughs were had that evening. Here's a little glimpse into our evening:

Hula hoop challenge

Balancing a bowl on their head as the ladies here in Africa do every day

Transferring marshmallows across the room via a straw

Who can eat 4 Mopane worms the fastest

Mummy dress up

Guess that taste

Oreo from the forehead to the mouth the fastest

Getting marbles from ice water with your toes 

Popping the other teams balloon first

It got really physical, but the 40 year old woman beat the 20 year old guy

Eating chicken feet

Eating polony
So much fun was had by all...thanks to everyone for being such great sports!!

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