Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Families come to Africa

One of our partnering churches, Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia, has been to Botswana many times. They have sent so many different types of teams, but this time 2 families decided to join our family for ministry and to walk through everyday life with us. It means so much to the people here in Botswana when people came to share Jesus, but the fact that these whole families came made a huge impact. 
This church has been helpful in starting a church in the village of Ditshegwane, so of course we wanted them to go out and be a part of that ministry. We also had them working in the village of Molepolole with Molepolole Baptist Church in building of a playground in hopes of reopening an Orphan Care Center through this church and also doing a children's ministry program in the afternoons. God certainly used these families to bring HIM glory. 

Ministry in Ditshegwane
The Feliciano family with Pastor and Mma Thokwane

Dupuis family teaching children's sunday school

Bryan and Penny with the Pastor and his wife in Ditshegwane
Church under the tree

Bryan preaching on Sunday

The ladies making us some breads for lunch-
Fat Cakes and Diphapata

Most people in the village are harvesting their crops right now.
This family was harvesting corn. 
 Ministry at Gaborone Baptist Church
Sunday School learning how we are to be a light shining for
Jesus to those around us. 

Children's Friday Ministry-having fun

Isaac playing soccer with the boys from Friday ministry

Helping with crafts
 Ministry at Molepolole Baptist Church
The kids LOVE their new swingset


Painting tires for a place for the kids to sit

Tires to play and jump across

"God made me wonderful"

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