Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sometimes it takes a dream

I have been working with Ona (Oh-Nah) for the past 5 years. She has become someone that I not only study the bible with, but a dear friend.

In the last couple of years, we really have started focusing on discipleship where we share a story/lesson from the bible with people and then in turn, we ask them to go out and share the same stories with those around them. I have to admit, this was a bit discouraging for me as I would share a story with my bible study group and each week when I came back the majority of those in our group never shared the story or their faith once that week. Ona would share occasionally with those around her, but not consistently.

Just through busyness of schedules and I have to admit a bit of discouragement about people not sharing Christ, we didn't see each other much in the beginning of this year. I recently visited with Ona and wanted to give her a renewed challenge to share the stories I had been teaching her, but before I could do so she began to tell me about a dream that she had. To make a long story short, she told me about a man who was taking her around and showing her the graveyards here in Botswana (did you know about 100 people a day die here in Botswana and maybe only 5 of them know Jesus??). She then said that this man showed her a bunch of different religious groups and one group was noticeably smaller than the others...those were the Christians. He told here then that she needed to do more, she needed to share Christ. Wow! I had chill bumps hearing this. Since this time, Ona has hit the ground running sharing her faith with anyone who will listen and lining up bible studies with people. God can use so many ways to speak to us, sometimes He can even use a dream.

Will you listen and be obedient to what God is telling you to do?
Ona teaching bible study

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