Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kid update

These kids sure do keep us busy! Sometimes I feel like all I do is chauffeur them around all day to school and  to this activity and that activity. We are so blessed to have such an amazing school to send the kids to and all the activities they provide for the kids. 

Taylor class recently went on a camping trip for 2 nights to a game park. She had a blast and got to even see cheetah and giraffe. Our girl is growing up!
Tay and her friend Munopa

 Bradyn lost his top 3 teeth when he was 3 years old after falling off of a swing onto our cement porch. We have loved that big gap for the last 3 years but now it's getting even bigger. He has lost his first tooth "naturally" on the bottom. Corn on the cob is sure getting a lot harder to eat.
Bradyn losing his 1st tooth "naturally"

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