Monday, November 17, 2014


Our evening became very interesting last night when we had an unwanted visitor. At 10pm I had been sleeping for a good 30 minutes, ok an hour (I know I am old!) when Brent woke me up. Bo (our black lab) had a very unusual bark, so when Brent went to check it out he noticed a snake lying there. He was afraid it would slither off, so he woke me up to watch it (granted from inside the door) while he went to get a shovel and a few other things to try to kill it. When he got back he tried to hit it with a shovel that didn’t quite have a long enough handle so he threw it at the snake. Well, the snake was not dead due to his valiant efforts so he took a long metal stake (about 9 feet long) and took care of that critter.

After much heart racing, we rewarded our brave dog Bo with lots of dog treats and loving. I am so glad we have Bo…I think this makes up for him eating the trampoline, swing, hammock, and all my plants…I think!


By the way, it was a common house snake (we think) which is non-venomous.

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