Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cool Spring Baptist Volunteer Trip

We had such a wonderful time with a volunteer team from Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia. We love the “mission-mindedness” of this church and their love for the nations. They came and were so flexible and willing to do whatever was needed. I’ll try to describe their trip in pictures and if you and your church would like to come minister alongside of us we would sure love to have you.



Above: They were able to visit with the Kgalaeng family. Rre Kgalaeng (Ray Kah-lah-ing) is the pastor at Molepolole (Mo-lee-po-lo-lee) Baptist Church and his wife runs the Orphan Care Center out of their church. The team brought some books for the children.

Below: Two of the wonderful ladies on the trip are school teachers. We were able to get them into the schools in Molepolole and they were able to share “The Two Paths” story from Matthew 7 with hundreds of children and encourage the teachers as well.


It would be a shame for them to come all the way to Africa and not see some of the amazing animals God created, so they went on an afternoon safari.


They also were able to attend the bible study that Amanda leads on Saturday morning, and helped out with the children and adult study that day.


This church is praying about adopting an area of Botswana called Ditshegwane (about 2 hours west of the capital). They were able to go out and do evangelism in this village.



Thank you Cool Spring Baptist for coming to serve in Botswana!!

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