Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Worship Conference

Many times missionaries bring their hymns from the States and try to sing them here and they really don’t translate well. When Africans sing they dance and there is beat behind all they do and then when a hymn is played like “Down At the Cross” the mood changes to solemn. Now I am not saying hymns are not great, I grew up on them and enjoy singing them but it is just not African. We recently held a worship conference and taught on the theology of worship, planning worship services, what is worship and also taught them how they can still sing the hymn songs but how to make them a little more African (see the video below to see what I am talking about).

A fellow co-worker of ours, Tom Ferguson, came and conducted this worship conference for the worship leaders in our Baptist churches throughout Botswana and it was AMAZING!! Please check out the videos below.



Down at the Cross

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